Reportazh në Anglisht: The story of a young scientist


Be aware: It’s a non professional video or professional profile story. There might be any lapses in that video, and might have some disorder of what is called: “The real profile story in journalism”.

“The story of a young scientist researcher”
Blagoja Trajcevski is a 26 year old who has born in Ohrid city, Macedonia, and actually he works for his city, and the Lake Ohrid in Hydrobiological Institute of Ohrid as a young assistant researcher, in the department of fishery.
“It all started when I was a child, when I used to play with my friends and to swim in the lake, from this I got the inspiration to study for biology and to dedicate myself to Ohrid Lake – says Blagoja”

Dushica Ilic – Boeva works in the department of applied fishery and aquaculture and she says that Blagoja is a new blood in the Institute.

“Since the beginning he was eager, and I can see the future with him, in our Institute – she says.”

Blagoja keeps continuing about himself:

“In my free time, as others I enjoy playing with my friends, but beside that I practice other sports, like taekwondo. My day starts at 7:30am waking up and going to the Institute at 8:30, and finish very powerful and motivated to keep working.
I encourage everyone, to proceed what they like and to do what they love, because this is the most important thing. If you love science you love life” – he finishes his speech.


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